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Discover Cas Abao Beach

cas abao beach

It’s no secret that Curacao is an island. And, as islands always are, Curacao is surrounded by sparkling blue water and the white sand beaches that come with them. But what may be a secret is that not all beaches are created equal.

At Cas Abao Beach, the sands are whiter, the seas are brighter, and the shores are often less crowded than other popular Curacao beaches. Tourists and locals alike flock to crowd-pleasing beaches like Knip Beach, known locally as Playa Kenepa Grandi. That leaves equally breathtaking yet less trafficked beaches like Cas Abao to those who are truly in the know.

Turquoise waters invite swimmers and snorkelers. Soft white sand invites sun-bathers. A snack bar and restaurant invites anyone with an appetite for local flavors. Treat yourself to a true Curacao beach experience at Cas Abao. 

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Discover Cas Abao

This beach is one of Curacao's lesser known, but it's nonetheless worth a visit. Find Cas Abao about thirty minutes north of Willemstad. 

cas abao beach

Beach Information 

Waving palm trees and parasols welcome beach goers to the paradise that is Cas Abao. Unlike some Curacao beaches, though, Cas Abao does have open hours and an entrance fee. Fortunately, it’ll cost less than a movie ticket to enjoy this tranquil beach all day long. 


Daily, 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Entrance Fees 

Monday - Saturday: 10,00 ANG/5.60 USD per car
Sunday and Holidays: 12,50 ANG/7.01 USD per car
Max. 4 persons. 2,50 ANG/1.40 USD per additional person. 

Things to Do on Cas Abao

woman snorkeling

Scuba Diving

Cas Abao has its very own diving outfitter: B Diving & Watersports. Dive or snorkel off shore where you'll encounter hordes of tropical fish. 

person laying in front of palm fronds wearing hat


Indulge in a massage on the beach. As you relax on the sand or beneath a palapa, the beach's massage therapists will help all your stresses melt away. 

palapa with two beach chairs


Lounge in the shade beneath one of the beach's palapas. These palapas--made from palm fronds--are perfect for a long beach day.

two women cheersing with cocktails at beach bar

Beach Bar & Restaurants

Hungry? Dig in to the flavors of Curacao at the beach bar and restaurant. No need to pack snacks here as you'll have your choice of beach day treats. 

This is the beach for visitors of all ages and interests. Just a stone's throw from downtown, Cas Abao is removed enough to feel secluded yet still well-connected enough to offer everything you'll want for an idyllic day at the beach. Indulge in a massage. Dine at the beachside bar and restaurant. Test your skills at dive school. Or relax beneath a palapa as the waves lap the shore.

Curacao has beaches in spades. Choose wisely for your vacation. Cas Abao is an ideal place to start. 

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